Popular in and around secured access areas such as court houses, police stations, military bases, jails, prisons or correctional facilities. They are also useful around sports stadiums, activity centers, exercise facilities, employee break rooms, schools and colleges, or anywhere that convenient storage of small valuable items is needed.

The small size of these lockers mean they can be installed just about anywhere; choose from recessmount or surface-mount with a collar. Convenient for any facility where cell phones or other small items are prohibited, this configurable solution can be used in large quantities at the main entrance or distributed throughout the facility. And, if full unit accessibility is required by management or facility owner, a master door option allows easy access to all locker compartments within a unit simultaneously.

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Mini Storage Lockers

Conveniently store keys, wallets, jewelry/watches, small electronic devices, cell phones and more. Perfect for temporary storage, these express lockers, unlike other cell phone lockers on the market today can be configured to your specific application. Utilizing an industry unique online configurator, easily choose desired number of row and columns along with all specific features needed.

Mini Storage Lockers - Recessed Mount

Mini Storage Lockers - Surface Mount